SMile pro.jpg


by Photographer: Eric Tronolone


We believe in being generous with your talents, being generous with your gifts. Something that is easy for you is impossible for someone else. So how do we give generously with our specific talents? First identify them, and then dish them out. What are yours? And how do your specific talents create a spirit of generosity? 

SMILE PROJECT is an online gallery that showcases a variety of street interviews focused on two questions 1.) what gifts do you have that uplift the human spirit? and 2.) what do you do that makes people smile? These interviews revealed the individual gifts that come freely to the participants and how they utilize them to form relationships. Throughout the interviews one gift in particular kept coming up, their smiles.  The gift of smiling was their entrance into building relationships. Now, imagine with us a community that is built on the gifts of the people within it. And it all begins with a smile. 

Smiles are both free and free-ing, so let’s dish them out free-ly. So here is your dish of free smiles.